Walt Disney World Bucket List


Walt Disney World is by far my favorite place to travel to. I know, I know, that may sound so silly. We’re grown adults with no kids. Why would we want to keep going back to Disney World? For us Disney is home. We were both cast members working in Orlando and we love any chance we have to go back. 

But we know for most people Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime travel destination. We know it can be EXTREMELY overwhelming and you may spend years planning this $5,000 trip for the family. We have compiled our absolute MUST DO’s of Walt Disney World organized by Park and then by Attractions, Dining, and Entertainment. 

This Bucket List is for those who want to check-off the absolute best of the best that Disney has to offer. We know you won’t have time to do absolutely everything so we’ve made it a little easier! We believe with some planning you could achieve the whole check-list in one day per park. If you’re up for the challenge then enjoy! But if not, then checking anything off this list will be a day well spent! 

Our biggest tip: Take time to enjoy yourself. Pick the attractions, dining, or entertainment from the list that speak the most to you and start checking them off. You will have the list with you during the entire trip so you’re never left standing in the midst of the madness wondering where to go next. We want you to have a more seamless experience and guide you to your next destination. 

Here’s to your next Walt Disney World vacation! Share your favorite attraction, dining, and entertainment that you never miss when visiting! And tell our old boss, Mickey, we said, “Hello!”

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