What We Discovered in Paris


For Jose’s birthday I took him to Paris. Wow. How many people can say that? That they even got to experience the magic that is Paris. We consider ourselves unbelievably lucky. He chose Paris partially because we had a friend working in France about an hour away, and also because of the mystic associated with Paris. All his life he’d dreamed of going to Paris, and he thought it would only ever be a dream.

from the moment we arrived, we knew.

To sum up in one word, yes. To sum it up in two words, absolutely yes. Paris is magic. Paris is wonder. Paris is a dream. Paris is a fantasy. Paris is anything you want it to be. We loved our time in Paris. Would we go back? Now that is something we would not be so quick to say yes to.

discover yourself in paris

We have so many more places to explore! If we found ourselves passing through Paris we would be absolutely thrilled. However, we would not go out of our way to go back. We are in our 20’s now so this opinion may change. But until then we are happy to reflect back on the memories we made. However, there are many reasons why I think everyone needs to experience Paris. 

get out of your comfort zone

For once Jose did not know the language that was surrounding him. I do not know Spanish and in that sense I got used to being uncomfortable with not knowing the language everyone around me was speaking. But for Jose, who grew up speaking Spanish, he’d never experienced being out of his comfort zone to that extent. This was an eye-opening experience for him that teaches you to be ok with being outside of your comfort zone.

I’m so glad we got to experience that together and I encourage everyone else to as well! There is something so humbling about being in a foreign country and trying to be as respectful as possible to the locals while trying not to butcher their beautiful language.

grow closer together 

This was our first big trip together and our first time leaving the country together. If you’re wondering what romantic trip will win her over, you cannot go wrong with Paris the city of love. We took a river cruise along the Seine passing by the Eiffel tower just as the clock struck and the Eiffel Tower lights glistened, spent an evening in the most beautiful church we’d ever seen – the Notre Dame, shopped along the streets by the Sacre-Coeur, took a selfie with the Mona Lisa, stood in awe at the Arc de Triomphe, and stuffed our faces with more baguettes and pastries than we could have ever dreamed.

food that surpasses your wildest dreams

The food in Paris is reason alone to visit the beautiful country! I could write novels on the delicious food, but just know there is a good reason they are known for their cuisine. Please go experience the food for yourself!

experience a little magic

But we think if you only have a few days to experience the fairy-tale that is Paris that will be just enough. You have time to take in the culture and the lifestyle of the Parisians, view some of their famous monuments, and eat the delectable food. It is not a place that needs to be added on your yearly vacations. Part of what makes it so magical is that it is a delicacy for most. We have to keep the magic alive and continue to remember and dream about all that is Paris for years after.  


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