10 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia oh how we love you! Savannah, where you feel the fresh breeze brush against your face, smile at the sound of birds singing in the trees, marvel at Spanish moss draped over the tall tree branches, and listen to the sounds of local artists playing hymns in the park. It's the picturesque small town in the South and we got lost in the charm of it all. If you're considering a trip to the lovable city of Savannah, don't wait another second! You'll always be greeted with a 'welcome in y'all' in any local boutique or coffee shop, and you'll get to see Southern Hospitality come alive.

These are our top 10 photos to inspire you to visit the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia!

bench in the park (1 of 1).jpg

savannah house (1 of 1).jpg

forest gump church (1 of 1).jpg

savannah trees road down (1 of 1).jpg

horse carrage (1 of 1).jpg

fried chicken YUM (1 of 1).jpg

beautiful house #2 (1 of 1).jpg

ice cream savannah (1 of 1).jpg

fountain savannah (1 of 1).jpg

candy shop savannah (1 of 1).jpg

"Y'all come back now!" Oh yes Savannah, we plan to!

Have y'all been to Savannah? Where's your favorite place to go? Let us know in the comments! 

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