How J&R Adventures Started

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I wouldn’t say Jose and I live an exciting life. But others might. I’ve never been one to sit and do one thing for a long time. I live for change. I live for adventures. I never imagined my life being tied down by a 9-5 job. I wish I could. I look at people who work a 9-5 fully satisfied with envy. I wanted to be content with living and surviving.

But I didn’t want to just live I wanted to live adventure!

That’s why Jose and I get along so well. Jose was 28 when we met and I was 23. We met in Las Vegas attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying Hospitality Management. I moved from Dallas, Texas where I was born and raised.

As soon as I met him his charming smile and friendly demeanor mesmerized me.

I wasn’t the type of girl who dated around; the last boyfriend I had was with me for five years. We were both just getting out of long serious relationships. I think the fact that neither of us were looking for a significant other made our attraction so much more undeniable.

As soon as we met we were drawn to each other. We wanted to be around each other all the time.

We started as friends, and then quickly became best friends.

When we were at school we were always together which turned into always being together outside of school. If we weren’t working we were together.

We even had ideas of moving to Boston just a month after meeting. That didn’t work out … but we were ready! Jose was born and raised in Long Island, New York and has been eager to get home since he left.

Our excitement to start a new adventure is a constant that has always been my favorite part of our relationship.

We met in September of 2015 and now about two years later we are living together in Atlanta, Georgia with Luna our puppy baby.

We want to encourage others to go on vacation, make those memories, and have amazing adventures. So we want to help make that possible for as many people as we can! Here’s to your adventures! 


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