Moving From Las Vegas to Atlanta


Two months ago my boyfriend, Jose and I decided to move across the country. We moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Atlanta, Georgia. The amount of questions and the amount of times people questioned our sanity were amazing!

No, we’d never been to Atlanta. No, we didn’t know anyone who lived there. No, we didn’t have jobs. No, we didn’t have a place to live. And no, we didn’t have any furniture. So… what’s the issue?

Let me tell you how we picked Atlanta. We had criteria; we didn’t just close our eyes and point to a random place on the map. We’re not crazy, ok.

So our criteria for our new city were:

1.     Had to have sports. Preferable baseball, basketball, and football. Hockey… not so much.

2.     Had to have trees, grass, and water. No more desert dirt, please.

3.     Had to have culture, with traditions, festivals, parades, and families.

4.     Had to be closer to our families. Most of Jose’s family is in New York. I have family in Florida and Texas.

From there we did just kind of randomly pick a place. It was between Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, and Orlando. Boston is too expensive. Dallas is not close enough to the East coast. Orlando does not have all the sports. That leaves Atlanta!

Once we picked Atlanta, the easy part was over! We had a destination; we had a goal to work towards. We picked a date. It was early September when we started looking for jobs. We hadn’t planned on moving to Atlanta until January or maybe December. We wanted to be able to see our families for the holidays.

We already had a trip scheduled to New York for September 14-18 to go to the Meadows Music Festival (see blog post). Jose applied for a transfer with his job and I started applying to every front desk job posting out there, as that was all I knew. When we both got calls for interviews I remembered that we had a layover in Atlanta on our way back from New York to Las Vegas.  We set up our interviews and we now had job prospects.

Turns out we both got the job. We told them we could start October 23rd and they accepted. We now had one month to figure out how to move across the country.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

We started packing. But we had a problem. There were two of us; each with our own car and both of us needed these cars in Atlanta. The only solution we could afford was to drive them across the country. Separately. Not only had Jose never driven across the country before. The furthest distance he’d driven was six hours… with another person. 

The trip made for an interesting experience for both of us. What did we learn? Oh, just that we never wanted to do it again. We are staying on the East Coast we are not going back. If anything just because we never want to make that drive again!

We started out really well but about two days in we really didn’t want to get back in the car. Our trip lasted 7 days. We stopped in New Orleans, Austin, and Orlando along the way… yeah, we made some serious detours. But in the end it was all worth it.

It takes a lot of self-control to drive 40 hours in a week, it leaves a lot of time for self-reflection. To reflect on what made you think it was a good idea to drive 40 hours by yourself in the first place?

But it made our arrival in Atlanta that much sweeter! We were finally out of the car and not waking up the next day to drive another 10 hours! Yay, Atlanta we already love you! Moving is not impossible. It is achievable for anyone. Yes, you will spend a lot of money. Yes, you may have to spend 30+ hours driving across the country. Yes, you may have to sleep on the floor the first couple of nights. But you will be together and that’s really all you need. 

Our life in Atlanta has been far from boring. We’ve been in Atlanta since October 2017 and we couldn’t be happier we made the big move. We miss Las Vegas more than we thought we would. But we have a new puppy, Luna, and we are so much closer to our families!

If you’re thinking of moving just pick a date and do it! We’ll be here to root you on!


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