How to Survive Working Through the Holidays


Ever since I got my very first job I have worked most, if not every, holiday year after year. I mean that’s the hospitality industry, right? From New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. It’s expected from our managers and therefore is non-negotiable. Everyone else in the hotel is working so why wouldn’t you be?

When you’re in the hospitality industry it can be very hard to have a good work-life balance. And this gets even harder around the holiday season when the rest of the world is off spending time with their families but you’re stuck working a 12-hour shift.

It wasn’t until I grew a bit older that the holiday blues started to set in when working on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and New Years Eve.

My first holiday working I was an intern at Walt Disney World. So yeah, I had to work on all my favorite holidays, but I was in Walt Disney World! I was in the happiest place on Earth working on the happiest day of the year. So I was doing just fine. I was thankful to be there on Christmas and I loved every minute of it.But as the years went on I saw my friends and family return to their holiday traditions and I only had one plan, to go to work.

I used to tell people that I loved working on the holidays. I actually used to ask to work.

I thought it was one of the best days to work because everyone was in such a good mood, the holiday spirit surrounded you, and you would get overtime pay. But as I grew older I realized that I didn’t want my life to fit my career. I wanted my career to fit my life. I decided that I needed to make time for my holiday celebrations, I deserved to have some traditions and time off too!

Just because you’re working on all the holidays doesn’t mean you don’t get to celebrate the holidays!

I recommended planning a Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before, invite all of your friends and family over and have your own well deserved celebration. Or you can celebrate the morning of Christmas Eve, open stockings from Santa, have a Christmas brunch and spend time with family. All the kids will love getting to open gifts early and you will get to feel like you celebrated properly.

No you may not be able to get off any holiday the entire year. But you still deserve to celebrate the beautiful life you live and the people in it. Don’t forget to give yourself some time off to be with those you love.

Make time to celebrate your favorite holidays, maybe it’s a few days before or after the actual holiday, but that’s how traditions are built!

You’ll find yourself excited to share your plans with friends and family. It will clear out your holiday blues and turn it into the best time of the year again!


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