San Juan, Puerto Rico: 3 Day Detailed Itinerary


Oh Puerto Rico, how we love you!

The beautiful beaches, the nice people, the delicious food. Oh who am I kidding? Delicious is an understatement! How could you not love everything Puerto Rico has to offer!? 

This is one of Jose’s favorite places to in the world! Many of his friends are from Puerto Rico and we cannot get enough of the food! Tostones, arroz con gandules, pernil, we could go on forever! As a Mexican and Salvadorian we are thoroughly impressed by this delicious Spanish food. And we know good Spanish food! 

This is our perfect 3-day itinerary in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s just enough time to see the big sites, be apart of the culture, eat tostones till your heart's content, soak up the environment, and relax on those beautiful Puerto Rican beaches.

We love this island and we hope we did it justice! Here’s to you Puerto Rico! We highly encourage absolutely everyone to visit soon as the island is rebuilding after the hurricane and would love the tourism financial support! Many attractions and hotels have reopened and you will be able to find loads of things to do and see!

Click here, or on the photo below, to open our FREE 3-DAY Detailed Itinerary for beautiful San, Juan Puerto Rico!


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