Guide to Finding the Best Restaurants When Traveling

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It can sometimes be hard to find the best spots for breakfast in a city you’ve never even been to before. But Jose is the master at finding those breakfast/lunch/dinner spots and telling us, “We HAVE to go here!” I’m always in awe because first of all; yes please to biscuits the size of my face. And two, how did you even know?! Here’s a list of 5 things we use to find a great restaurant when traveling.


1. Word of Mouth

You may know someone who traveled there before and they won’t stop talking about the brewery in Atlanta where you can take your dog with you! Or your family recently went to Los Angeles and found the cutest pie spot. Speak with the concierge at your hotel or the front desk and ask them what they recommend! That is their job after all. And they may have some personal favorites nearby that you would never have come across.

2. Yelp

Oh my god. Yelp is amazing. This is one of our favorite apps to use when traveling. Jose is on Yelp 24/7 before we travel. The comments alone speak for themselves. You can see so many different points of view, both good and bad! You get to see the honest truth from people and you can then assess off of them.

3. Distance

Is the restaurant near or far from where you’re going to be? Are you looking for a dinner reservation before a night on Broadway in New York? Or are you looking for a breakfast diner to walk to from your hotel? When you have narrowed down a certain area this will help narrow down the best restaurants for the type of dining you’re looking for.

4. Restaurant’s Website

A restaurant’s website often has the menu, any specials they may be having, and more often than not they will advertise what they’re famous for. They may have won awards on best new restaurant in town, top Yelp pick, or even better has Michelin stars.

5. Is The Restaurant Packed?

If you’re in a new city and you’re walking around your destination and come across a restaurant that has a line out of the door or is crowded every time you walk by then walk in! Ask the hostess what kind of food they sell, ask if it’s usually this crowded. What’s the best way to dine here is it through a reservation? What type of food do they sell? If you find out it’s a type of cuisine you’re interested in it then try it out! Because it looks like tons of other people have already decided they love it so more likely than not, it’s delish!


We hope these tips help you find a good restaurant when traveling and don’t be afraid to try new things! Maybe you’ve never had Thai food before but the local Thai restaurant is one of the best in the country. If you don’t try it you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!! Well, maybe not, but come on it sounds like you missed out on a meal you’ll always remember.  

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