Does the Front Desk Know You're Hiding a Dog?

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I’ve been the front desk agent in charge many times when suddenly noise complaints start flooding in from a DOG BARKING in a room. But that’s weird because no guests in house reported having a dog. How strange, the other guests must all be having bizarre hallucinations! Oh well… ha, how I wish it were that easy to dismiss.

On behalf of front desk agents everywhere I ask that you don’t ever leave your dog alone in your room!

Yes, I know, your dog is very good. I know, your dog would NEVER bark. I know, your dog just sleeps all day. I know, your dog is very old. I know, your dog is the most obedient dog in the entire world. I know, your dog can’t see and his vocal cords don’t work so he’s incapable of producing sound. REGARDLESS of all of these things:

Please, please, please don’t leave your dog alone in your hotel room!

When you travel with your dog it is a new experience for them. You may travel 50 weeks out of the year and decide you no longer want to endure that alone. I understand – Jose and I love Luna our puppy and want to enjoy the world with her! But I would never leave my poor puppy all alone in a new place, with foreign smells, and various amounts of alien sounds coming from the other side of the door. That’s traumatizing! Dogs never act the same traveling, compared to when they are at home in their comfortable environment.

There are so many noises in a hotel and when you’re not around to comfort your dog then they don’t like which sounds are dangerous.

The sound of an elevator dining, a room service cart being rolled down the hall, the ice machine being used, a phone ringing, housekeeping knocking on doors, engineering fixing a light fixture in the hallway, the front desk showing a room to a future guest, guest relations delivering balloons to a room, and the list goes on and on. There are so many noises in a hotel!

So please, for your poor dogs sake, they are already scared traveling to a foreign place, please don’t leave them alone to deal with the scary sounds all alone! When you leave a dog alone they will bark and the front desk is going to have to try to track you down to tell you to come back as your dog won’t stop barking. You may have thought you were sneaky and got your dog in without us knowing, but now we know, and you are still going to have to pay for the pet fee.

We love your furry friends just as much as you do, so take them with you on your adventures! 


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