5 Things Hotel Housekeepers Hate

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We've both worked in Housekeeping in resort hotels with over 2,000 rooms and worked closely with the Housekeeping department in many other hotels. We've lived through every single one of these scenarios day after day and we felt a public service announcement was due. From housekeepers everywhere, please don't do these 5 things:


1. Bring in food that is not from the hotel.

A latte and a croissant is not what we’re referring to. It’s when you start bringing in coolers, and luggage of extra food and drinks that are not from the hotel. In Las Vegas we often would find bathtubs that were filled with ice, beer, and liquor. I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to save some money, and hey, even we’ve done it before. But don’t ask for housekeeping service when they can’t even step foot in the room. If you want to have your room be the designated room of: fill junk in every corner. Then please don’t ask for service.  

2. Not treat the rooms with respect.

We’ve seen it all. We worked in Las Vegas for crying out loud! All of the horror stories and movies you’ve seen are true. We’ve seen condoms on the wall, blood and diarrhea on the bed, needles on the floor, and the list goes on and on. When you’re staying in a hotel, yes it comes with your own personal servants, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be respectful.

3. Smoke in a non-smoking room.

I’m sorry, you’re not fooling anyone. We may have smelled the smoke from the moment you lit up your cigarette or, “medical medicine.” In some hotels the vents bring the smoke smell down through the elevator shafts and into the lobby. And the smell stays in the room, it is soaked up in the carpets and the curtains. No matter how hard you try housekeeping will probably be able to tell you smoked in the room. You will be charged, normally around $200/night for the smell and you may even be asked to leave. So please, don’t smoke in the room. Some hotels, especially in Las Vegas, offer smoking floors so please take advantage of those if you intend to smoke. It will save you money and save housekeeping time.

4. Ask for housekeeping service at the last minute.

What I always recommend doing for those who will be in the room or need special accommodations for housekeeping service is to tell the front desk upon check-in. Some guests know they will not be out of the room until 2pm so they want housekeeping between 2pm and 5pm. That’s great, it’s totally attainable, and thank you for letting us know! But when you have your Do Not Disturb sign on all day, take it off at 4pm without telling anyone, and then complain at 7pm that you didn’t receive service – it’s hard to feel like we failed you. Housekeeping is a department that works during the day, unless they offer turndown service, they work from 9am-5pm. If you need later service please let the front desk know so they can plan accordingly.

5. Stay in the room during service in your underwear. 

At some hotels the housekeepers are required to carry whistles at all times. Just in case something were to happen in a room they would be able to alert others immediately. I know that most people would never feel comfortable enough to be in their underwear while a housekeeper was cleaning their room. But trust me, it happens, more than we’d like to admit. It’s extremely uncomfortable for the housekeeper and it creates a hostile work environment. Security will be called if the housekeeper feels too uncomfortable and that is just not a pleasant conversation for either party. 


Which of these are you guilty of? Please let us know if you have any other Housekeeping questions! We'd love to help!

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