Why You Have to Stay at a Ritz-Carlton at Least Once


ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

A stay at a Ritz-Carlton is unlike any other hotel experience you’ll ever have. The more hotels I work in, the more I realized they’re not all the same. And I don’t mean that they don’t all have beds, or they don’t all have restaurants, or a gym. No, I mean the feeling you have after leaving is not the same. Their motto is, "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." There is no room for anything less than the best.

The reason people choose one hotel over the other is convenience, location, or my favorite, the service. I’ve worked for many luxury hotel companies and I can say with confidence you cannot beat the Ritz-Carlton service.

receive a complimentary glass of champagne upon check-in.

 Tell me one person who doesn't want to start their vacation with champagne. The Ritz-Carlton aura was not built overnight. It was made from its guests. They decided that the Ritz-Carlton was worth the excitement. For most travelers the Ritz is not in their budget. Nor is it even a hotel they consider. Most people think it is out of their league, they don’t belong, and they aren’t welcome. But none of this is true.

Yes, when you go to a Ritz-Carlton you are expected to spend money. But that doesn’t mean that if you’ve saved up for years to stay for the night the hotel is going to treat you any differently - quite the contrary.

the staff will elevated your experience

At a normal hotel if you ask for slippers you may get a folded up old pair in thirty minutes, or a call letting you know they are out of slippers. At the Ritz-Carlton if you ask for slippers you will get a premium pair of slippers. Yes, they may have been out. But that just means they have a new challenge. At the Ritz-Carlton you won’t get a call explaining they are out. At the Ritz-Carlton you will have the front desk team working with other nearby hotels to find you a pair of slippers. You may have the security team running to the nearest store to buy you a pair of slippers. At the Ritz-Carlton you don’t hear the word, “no.” They find a way to make your stay exactly how you always dreamed it would be, and then they surpass it.

splurge - it will be worth every penny

If it is, I encourage becoming one of the hotel’s repeat guest’s - they will always take care of you. For those who want to indulge just for an evening there are ways you can afford to stay at a Ritz-Carlton. Try to book on the hotels off-season, this may mean during the summer for a winter resort destination. Or it may mean during the weekend for a city property. Research the dates when the rates are the lowest. I also recommend looking via Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, etc. I normally do not encourage booking through these outlets due to the way hotels treat these reservations. But they can save you money and they can make what may be unfeasible now within reach.

experience the best guest service in the industry

I encourage you to engage with the employees, talk to them, and let them know what you’re celebrating. Ask them to be a part of your celebration and you will not regret it. You may even end up making friends of a lifetime. You will undeniably make memories that will last a lifetime and leave you wondering, when can I stay here again?


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Robin Aymond