Guide to Tipping Hotel Housekeeping

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Many people never think to tip the Housekeepers, some don’t even know that it’s expected. But tips are customary in the Hotel industry, and that includes housekeepers. There is no set standard for how much to tip, but there are some guidelines you can follow. 


1. $5 Per Night

This is a good rule of thumb to follow. I also recommend leaving your tip every day, not all the tips at the very end. This is because a different housekeeper could have been cleaning your room for the first few nights, then a different one for the last few. If you leave a tip every day then they will be able to collect for their work. 

2. Leave the Tip on the Nightstand

Never leave a tip on a bed, especially if you’re staying for another night. Housekeepers are not allowed to touch any items on the bed. If you leave a $5 bill on the bed how is the housekeeper supposed to know that is a tip and not your money you simply forgot and left behind? They will not take that risk and instead will leave everything on the bed. If you have checked-out they may turn the money in to their manager and have to wait 30 days to see if anyone calls to collect it. Why make them wait 30 days? Just leave it a few feet over on the desk or nightstand. 

3. Leave A Note

Another way to further protect the housekeepers is to leave a note next to the tip! There are always note pads and pens in the room and it only takes a moment to write, “A tip for the housekeeper, thank you!” This will let the housekeeper, and the housekeeper’s manager know that without a doubt the tip was left on purpose for the housekeeper. 

4. If You Don’t Have Cash - Leave A Gift

In Las Vegas there are huge conventions that come and go every year. There are so many nights Jose would come home with random gifts that guests had extra of and didn’t want to take home with them. Our best gift yet was a Roku. We didn’t know what a Roku was nor how to use it… but we were excited! Turns out Roku’s are amazing and I highly recommend them, but I digress. If you have a product or gift that you would like to share I encourage you to leave them for the housekeepers, they love them! 

5. Bigger Mess = Bigger Tip

We lived in Las Vegas for five years, we get wanting to throw a party and have an unforgettable night in a hotel room! Live it up bro! But be respectful. Someone else is going to be cleaning up your mess. Thank them for that service! You didn’t throw a party at your house where you would then wake up the next day and clean it up. No, someone else is helping you do that. Vegas housekeepers have seen everything and they’re equipped to clean it all up, but it helps when there’s a token of appreciation waiting for them on the nightstand. 


We hope these tips helped! Let us know if you have any questions on anything Housekeeping we’d love to write about it!

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