Guide to Tipping Doormen

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In my experience, at every hotel I’ve ever worked for and visited, the bellmen and the doormen are some of the most charming and genuine people in the entire hotel! They are always going to greet you with a smile and if you're lucky, maybe even a joke. They are there to serve you in any way possible. I always enjoy getting to know my bellmen and doormen.

A big question I get asked a lot is asking the difference between Bellmen and Doormen. I was so excited to answer this. And I wanted to include important normal hotel tipping standards that we should not forget when dealing with such amazing and professional hotel staff! 


Who Are They

They are in the hotel. They are the people who will actually take your bags up to your room with you, describe the room amenities, or bring you a requested item from the lobby. Their main position is in the hotel including going to and from guest rooms.

Bellmen Duties

Welcome you to the property, introduce themselves, ask what brings you in, make conversation about local restaurants or amenities, bring you to your room, point out all room amenities, make sure the room is up to standards, fill up your ice bucket, bring up letters to the room, pick up shoe for a shoe shining, deliver keys for a room move, etc. 

Tipping Standard


Tip A Bellmen When

A bellmen delivers luggage to your room, assist with a check-out, brings anything up to the room, or does something out of their way to make you feel special. I would not tip less than $5 but if the bellmen blew you away then don’t hesitate to give them a $10, $20, $50, or $100 based on how generous you’re feeling.


Who Are They

They are outside of the hotel, typically around the porte cochere area. They may assist in opening your valet car doors, bringing your luggage into the hotel, asking if you need assistance with your luggage, or walking you to the hotel front desk. Their main position is outside or in the lobby. They never go into guest rooms or assist with luggage up to the room.

Doormen Duties

The doormen are a crucial part in your coming and going experience at the property. They are there to make sure you never have to open a hotel door, assist in hailing a cab, opening car doors, assisting with luggage out of your car, guiding guests, directing guests to the front desk or other outlets of the hotel, etc. 

Tipping Standard


Tip A Doormen When

So every time anyone opens the door you should give them a $5 right? No… well go ahead if you want they’d certainly enjoy that, but no that’s not expected. Tipping is appropriate when a doormen assists with luggage or upon check-in, hails a cab, assist in organizing a mode of transportation, or assist upon check-out. And again, if the doormen blew you away then don’t hesitate to give them a $10, $20, $50, or $100 based on how generous you’re feeling.

If you’re staying at a luxury property that has doormen and bellmen you should expect to pay the price of tipping them. Their positions are based off of tips, this is their bread and butter. They are very good at making you feel welcome, giving the best tips on local attractions, and fulfilling any expressed and unexpressed needs. They are there to ensure that your stay is more enjoyable and more luxurious. They are there to make you feel like royalty so please do your part in thanking them for that treatment!

Please let us know if you have any other questions about the amazing Bellmen or Doormen! We are happy to help and would love to hear your favorite stories about a bellmen or doormen who made your entire hotel experience!

Disclaimer: This is with my experience in the United States. Unfortunately, I'm not as familiar with international tipping standards. 


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