Guide to Affording a Trip to Paris, France (Without Breaking the Bank)

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We were fortunate enough to go to Paris together in April of 2017. And it was amazing! We never thought in a million years we would be able to afford it but one of our best friends was moving to a town an hour outside of the city so we were determined to work out a way to visit! We knew we wouldn’t be able to afford a lavish vacation so we had to figure out how to afford this trip of a lifetime! We really took a look at our budget and were able to afford this dream vacation for a fraction of the price, and you can too!


Bundle your Flight and Hotel

We used Expedia to buy our flight and hotel together and saved hundreds of dollars! This is when I love to use Expedia, they have great deals and a trip that was once unreachable is now manageable. You should also sign up for the Expedia rewards and you will earn a bunch of points! You can use these later for another night in a hotel either free or highly discounted.

Take the RER Trains from the Airport

Taking a taxi from either airport can cost over $50 one way. You could easily save money by taking the RER trains then the metro to your hotel! We did it with our luggage and trust me you don’t look crazy because a lot of people do it! It is clearly labeled at the airports, easy to navigate, and reliable.

Self-Guided Tours

You could easily spend $200 on a day tour of Paris with all the sites included. Or you could map out your own tour! Many of the big attractions are easily accessible by the metro or you can walk to them. Start your day at the Arc de Triomphe, then head to the Louvre Museum, then see the beautiful Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Jardin du Luxembourg, and lastly end the day seeing the Eiffel Tower light up over a baguette and sipping wine by the Seine. It’s easy to plot out your must-see attractions and to go at your own pace.

Use the Paris Metro

We know that being in a foreign city can be very overwhelming! But the Paris metro is very user friendly you don’t have to speak French to understand how to use it. Don’t take taxis everywhere! If you do feel too intimidated it’s ok to take a taxi once or twice but you will save serious money by taking the Metro and get to embrace the Parisian lifestyle.

Paris Passlib'

Buy yours here!

We are so glad we took advantage of this! With this purchase you gain access to multiple museums sight seeing bus tour, 1-hour cruise down the Seine, travel ticket with unlimited access to public transportation, and the option to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You get all these things for a discounted price by bundling all attraction tickets together. We would have not only wasted money but also time getting tickets to all these attractions individually. We bought the 3-day Passlib' card which was the perfect amount of time for intense site-seeing. The cruise down the Seine is a must do and our favorite experience in our entire time in Paris!

Get Your Meals on the Go

You don’t need to spend breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a sit down restaurant. We splurged on one good meal during our five days in Paris where we were able to enjoy wine, cheese, and steak - and it was just enough! For the other meals we ate so many delicious cheese baguettes, croque- monsieurs, and crepes. Grab some wine from the supermarket and eat by the Seine! You don’t have to eat at a Café to soak in the Parisian atmosphere. If you’re looking for bottled water go to a grocery or corner store, it’s much cheaper than a fast food restaurant or your hotel store!

Limit Your Souvenirs

It’s easy to go overboard on souvenirs when you feel like you may never get to return to the most beautiful place in the world! But we encourage you to limit the number of souvenirs you purchase. We only allowed ourselves one suit case each, this way we couldn’t go buy-crazy.


There you have it! What are y'alls tips & tricks to afford your dream vacation? Share in the comments and let us know!

Disclaimer: These are all our own thoughts, this post is not sponsored. 


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