How to Save Money for Travel When You're Broke

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Say Yes To Overtime

You know those days when your boss asks you, "Can you stay late today?" Our go to answer is no, with no thought needed. But when we're saving for a trip we are begging for all the overtime! We try to stay late at least once a week. You're already at work and you don't have to go out of your way to make some extra cash!

Cancel All Monthly Subscriptions

Do you really need that $20 box of beauty favorites every month that you open and never use? No. And you can end up saving over $100 bucks without doing anything. When I wrote down all my subscription boxes and cancelled them I ended up saving $80 a month.

Stop Your Morning Coffee Runs

I know, this one is hard. #StarbucksIsLife. But if you really want to go to Italy then you’re going to have to sacrifice those Starbucks tall double soy lattes that you’re addicted to. Making coffee at home is so much cheaper and you can end up saving $50 a month or more.

Eat in More

When we try to save money we start with our groceries. We used to waste so much food before we started planning out our meals. Now we are able to say we have a $50 weekly grocery budget and stick to it no matte what. We don’t buy those extra snacks or desserts that we shouldn’t be eating anyways… Or instead of going to Brunch on Sundays and getting bottomless mimosas we have brunch at the house! Invite your friends over and have a cheaper alternative.

Spend Date Night Doing Free Attractions

It can easily cost $150 for a date night. Even just dinner, movie, and snacks can add up. Instead, have a night in and watch a movie or enjoy the day at the park with the pup - Luna loves making new friends! It doesn’t have to be just date night, even a night out with friends can turn into a $20 tab at every bar. You can save $7 for your trip instead of buying an overpriced beer.

Make Home Made Gifts

Instead of buying that new peppermint scented shaving kit that he’ll save for a special occasion then never use (this totally didn’t happen to us), save that money! Make a scrapbook of your travels, a framed picture from your last vacation, or Jose’s favorite, food. Food really is the way to a person’s heart!

Sell Items You Aren’t Using

What about that pile of old textbooks you never touch anymore? Or those beat headphones you never use? Don’t let those items sit and collect dust! Sell them on Craig’s list or LetGo and bring in extra cash to go towards your vacation.

Part-Time Job

Anything like babysitting, housesitting, dog sitting, Uber, or Postmates are easy options. It is so easy to sign up for Postmates, I’ve done it. You can apply online in less than fifteen minutes. The only time delay is waiting for the Postmates Card to come in the mail, but once it’s there you’re ready to start making money! Even doing Postmates for a couple of hours a week can help bring in extra spending money for souvenirs. 

Save $10 A Week

From every paycheck put aside $10 or $5. Every penny counts! This money will add up even if you’re doing nothing else. You’d be surprised how much you don’t miss that $10 bill and you’ll be thankful when you have an extra stash of $200 to bring with you!

Stay Motivated

This is the most important! Print out a picture of the destination and put it on your fridge, put it on your bathroom mirror, put it everywhere! Look at it everyday and remind yourself why you’re doing all this! On your first night when you finally arrive in Paris and you see the Eiffel Tower glistening down at you, you’ll be glad you skipped out on those morning coffees. We promise! Make a countdown on your phone, or make your own countdown, anything to encourage you. Here’s to your dream vacation!


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